Are You Unknowingly Shaming Your Child?

Are You Unknowingly Shaming Your Child?

Here at Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas, we treat all of our students with respect and kindness to help them grow into confident and resilient adults in the future.
As a responsible provider of Manassas childcare, we encourage parents to be careful of the things they say and do to their children to prevent them from developing “toxic shame.”
Here are a few examples of scenarios where you can be unknowingly shaming your children:

  • You Don’t Let Your Child Do Things for Themselves.
    According to Anastasia Moloney, an early childhood development expert, children hit a stage where they want to be independent in practicing their skills. You may unintentionally shame your child by going against their choices simply because they don’t adhere to your beliefs or you think that it will slow down your routine.
  • Telling Your Child Not to Cry
    Think about the last time someone asked you not to cry during an upsetting moment in your life? If it didn’t feel good for you, it certainly would not feel good for your children. Telling them not to cry, in a way, is you telling them that their feelings are ridiculous and don’t matter.

At our Montessori preschool in Manassas, Virginia we let our students experience life the way they are meant to experience it – naturally and in flow with their own self.
For more details about our programs, you may contact our Montessori school in Manassas here.

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