How Can I Teach My Kids How to Apologize Sincerely?

How Can I Teach My Kids How to Apologize Sincerely?

It is often a struggle for anyone to simply say “I’m sorry,” and for children attending Montessori preschool in Manassas, Virginia it can be twice as challenging. They might not yet understand the difference between right and wrong, and therefore have a hard time getting around to apologizing.
Apologizing helps your child accept responsibility for a wrong and provides a tool to make things right again. It is your job as parents not to force this lesson of saying sorry on them but to demonstrate the sincerity it requires.
Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas a longtime provider of reliable Manassas childcare encourages parents to try the following tips for teaching children to apologize:

  • Model apologizing.
    Don’t be a hypocrite and try as much as you can to admit to your child when you are in the wrong. This teaches them that there is nothing wrong with owning up to your faults.
  • Start them young.
    Children are like sponges and absorb whatever is taught to them during the early stages of childhood.
  • Stop manipulating feelings and orchestrate sincerity.
    Some children apologize for the sake of not getting scolded further. As you teach children to apologize, remember: parents can’t force feelings.

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