How to Get Children to Eat Their Greens

How to Get Children to Eat Their Greens

One of the many challenges that come with being a parent is getting your kids to eat their healthy greens. Especially with preschoolers that go to Montessori preschool in Manassas, Virginia, it’s difficult to keep track of what they eat.

Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas knows how important your child’s health is to you and would like to offer you a couple of tips and tricks to have them living a healthy and well-balanced life.

  • Cut up fruits and vegetables into fun shapes and serve it to them for snacks.
  • Manassas childcare suggests parents to consider serving salads at mealtime more often; purchase pre-washed and cut salad from the groceries.
  • Spice up your child’s menu by trying out different vegetarian recipes for different meals.
  • Finally, be a role model and show them that leafy greens aren’t so bad.

Other ways you can keep your child’s vegetable and fruit intake in check is by stocking up of the healthy stuff when you go to the market. Avoid buying high-calorie and artificially flavored foods like candy bars, chips, and others.

Teaching your child how to eat healthy can be difficult, especially since children tend to be very strong-willed and stubborn. Montessori school in Manassas can help by guiding them toward healthier choices. Call us here for more information.

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