Reasons Why Toddler Tantrums Are Actually a Good Thing

Reasons Why Toddler Tantrums Are Actually a Good Thing

We know that toddler tantrums can be one of the trickiest features of being a parent. Often, parents feel good when their children are smiley and relaxed, but helpless and frustrated once their little one is flailing and screaming on the floor. Nonetheless, toddler tantrums are an essential part of a child’s emotional development and well-being, therefore, parents should learn how to handle these situations.

Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas, a trusted provider of Manassas childcare is offering this list of important reasons why your toddler’s tantrum is actually a good thing.

  • It’s always better out than in. Tears contain cortisol, the stress hormone. When children cry, they release stress from their little bodies.
  • Crying helps your child sleep better.
  • Tantrums can mean that your child trusts you enough to show you how he is feeling after a certain event happens.
  • Tantrums can bring you and your child closer together. Let your child get through the storm of their feelings without trying to stop or ‘fix’ them.

Montessori preschool in Manassas, Virginia is a great starting ground for children to develop better emotional, communication, and cognitive skills. All our programs are designed to address a variety of needs from each and every single one of our students.

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