Teaching Time Management to Kids

Teaching Time Management to Kids

Are any of you wanting to become more efficient with your time and to teach your kids the same? Try Manassas childcare!

Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas trains students to be mindful of how they spend their time. As a trustworthy Montessori school in Manassas, we are providing you with some tips and tricks on how to teach time management to your kids, even while at home!

  • Encourage them to take things one step at a time. When they sit down to do homework, prompt them into finishing one subject before moving on to a new one.
  • Teach them how to prioritize. The key to being productive is figuring out what’s important and to do that first, leaving the others further down the list to get addressed later.
  • Create a “neat” system that your child can follow. Neatness is a time-saver as it lessens the struggles of looking for things that make you late and take up a lot of time.
  • Discuss efficiency and organization with them. One smart way to get your kids thinking about organization and time management is to talk to them it.

Being responsible for your time is one of the skills everybody needs to function well in society.

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